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Several years ago I received a nice Nikon DSLR for Christmas because a normal point and shoot camera just wasn’t doing us justice when it came to taking pictures of Thaddeus.  By the time the camera would take the picture he was no longer doing what he was that had us wanting a picture.  When you own a DSLR Camera there are things you just need to have to make your photo shoots much easier.  First you need a nice camera strap, then you need an accessories bag, and last you need a cap saver.  You can get all of these items from Mod!


About Mod

The heart of Mod begins with family. Mod is a mother-daughter owned business created by Amber Clay and Jeannie Cheatham in Flower Mound, Texas. The idea for Mod began when Amber was searching for a new camera strap and found only low quality products offered in very basic styles and colors. Having a creative spirit, Amber’s first thought was to create her own strap cover for an existing strap using stylish fabrics, colors, and textures. She began sewing on her grandmother’s old sewing matching with Jeannie’s help. The first strap created by the two of them was made from houndstooth fabric paired with hot pink plush fabric. Jeannie and Amber did all their own sewing at first and as they worked together on their new creations, the idea of a business opportunity began to form.

Jeannie and Amber originally planned to offer their camera strap covers to a local camera store on a consignment basis but soon they were contacted by an independent sales representative who had seen their products. He asked them if he could show their creations to other camera stores. After finding such enthusiastic and strong interest from camera store owners, Jeannie and Amber realized that the product photographers wanted was not simply a camera strap cover, but a high quality, stylish camera strap. They began searching for a camera strap manufacturer and eventually found the factory that is an integral part of the Mod family to this day.

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Camera Straps

There are three different options for the camera straps:

  • Basic: Strap with fabric on top but no minky backing and faux leather ends. No quick release.
  • Classic: Basic strap with minky backing. No quick release.
  • Premium: Quick release, minky backing and genuine leather ends.

Not all camera straps have all three options.

Accessory Bags

Accessory bags are available in the same designs as the camera straps and have the following features:

  • size of the bag is approximately 6″ x 10.5″
  • use for your personal accessories such as your phone, make-up, keys etc.
  • great place for additional camera accessories
  • also great to protect lenses from scratches

Cap Savers

Cap savers are meant to keep your lens caps from getting lost, with style!


You can purchase Mod products from local retailers or from the Mod Store, prices range from $15.50 to $47.50.

My Take On It

Brown and Green Strap - Geometric Floral Pattern
Brown and Green Strap – Geometric Floral Pattern

When I first found out about Mod I was immediately in love!  I loved that they offered many different designs and patterns for their camera strap and I knew I’d be able to find just the right one for me!  I received the Brown and Green Strap – Geometric Floral Pattern camera strap and accessory bag along with Brown Minky cap saver for review and they are perfect for my personality.  Retro enough without being to retro and they all match!  The cap saver material is just like the back side of the camera strap.  It may not be the exact same material but it matches as though it were.

I love that the camera strap can withstand up to 70 pounds, as there are some lenses for DSLR cameras that can weight a good amount.  I’m not fortunate enough to own one of those lenses, but I sure wish I did!  I love the fact that there are accessory bags that match the camera straps and they make it very easy to carry around your needed accessories without having to carry a huge camera bag.  Over the years I’ve been hauling around my camera bag and hauling around everything with it even though most of the time I don’t need everything that is in it.  With the accessory bag from Mod, I can put my extra lens in there along with maybe a few extra accessories and not have to worry about carrying around 30 pounds of camera equipment.


The little cap savers are so cool.  I had never thought about needing anything like them because I always made sure that the cap to my camera was either always in my pocket or in the camera bag, but with the cap saver I no longer have to worry about that.  Just attach it to the cap, wrap the strand around the lens and let it dangle while taking pictures.  If I feel I need to remove it, it’s easy to remove from the lens.

Disclosure: Items were received for the purpose of this review. All opinions are that of my own. No other monetary compensation took place.




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